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Entering the global service exchange …

The world is a marketplace with millions of sellers and buyers. It has gone from selling services to selling yourself as a brand these days. But it so happens that most people are confined to regions they live in and often miss out on this global opportunity. The best part of selling your services outside your country is the currency difference. For e.g. I live in India and sell my services to countries like the USA that bring me payments in dollars.

There are millions of platforms that have dissolved this gap of geographical…

Docker was giving us a hard time for several days now. It was taking way too long to rebuild our container with the changed files. Even though most of the things were from the cache, it was still taking a lot of time.

That is when we find out our mistake. We saw during our build that the COPY command was the trouble maker. It was taking a huge amount of time (approx 3 minutes) to build the container. …

The software industry loves to invent new words and because of that, we have a hell of a lot of terms to keep up with. It usually so happens as a junior developer you keep wondering what your colleagues are talking about when you are starting your career. And it sure does sound cool using them while you are speaking in a meeting too.

So here is a list of top terms to familiarise yourself with.

  1. DevOps: This is a new method of developing and delivering software where you automate most of the tasks thereby reducing the time to deliver…

Apple is known for the quality of materials it produces. Even though there are multiple competitors, Apple has still managed to stay ahead of them somehow. And like they say — “Great people don’t do different things, they do things differently”. Apple puts a lot of thought and precision into their devices which is why even if you are buying a used iPhone, it still gives the performance of a new one.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things you could look out for while buying a used one. Here are some of the points.

  1. Liquid Damage indicator: iPhones have…

Here is how it all started. Back at the office, we were making software that will cater to many clients. But soon after its release, we realized clients had custom requirements. I am sure most of us will have, at some point in life, faced this dilemma.

We started with git branches to solve our problem. The master branch had the common code and each client branch had the custom code the client requested for. A custom code could vary from a simple text/color change on a page to an entirely new page for them.

Everything was fine. But that…

We all love to keep logs of our work. Seldom do we use it afterward, but it’s always good to keep them to resolve disputes between teams. For e.g. in our team, we use logs to keep track of API requests sent by the app to the backend.

If you are using a Linux machine, it’s too simple. All you have to do is use the logrotate command. Here is how -

  1. Navigate to the /etc/logrotate.d/ folder. You will find several different files there.
  2. Create a new file say “my_log_file” using touch my_log_file command.
  3. Add the below to your file…

This is a quick summary of how to deploy your project to Netlify. Just mentioning the steps due to time constraints.

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Once inside, connect your account using bitbucket. Grant access and select the repository you want to be deployed. Whenever you push to your master branch a webhook is triggered and Netlify builds and deploys it that commit.
  3. Modify the build command. It will show yarn initially. Use the below command if you are using ReactJs with npm.
  4. CI= npm run build. // No spaces after CI
  5. Trigger a deployment from the Site…

If you guys are fans of the Harry Potter series, you will remember Tom Riddle’s diary which had a lot of tricks to make the magic work. Well, design patterns are similar except over here, patterns are solutions to general problems you come across in your daily life and Tom Riddle is, well you know, devs like you and me.

As a tribute, design patterns were first introduced by a group called Gang-Of-Four who published a book called Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software. You can find more details here.

So basically Design Patterns answer one simple question —

Testing is a big part of any development cycle. Of the many tools we use, Postman is perhaps one of the lesser-known beasts. Most of us just use the tool to send a request and see the response. There is a rather valuable part of the tool called Test which we will discuss today.

We will start by sending a POST request to {{url}}/user/profile. The {{url}} is my environmental variable which basically allows one to substitute a value to it globally.

We have a response on the right-hand side. The task now is we want to verify whether the keys…

Yes, the wait is finally over. The most powerful gaming experience is here. The Sony PS5 is set to launch on Nov 12 in select countries with India getting it’s on Nov 19th.

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