Getting Rid of My Wardrobe

Visakh Vijayan
1 min readNov 20, 2023

The problem with Minimalism is that once it hits you, you start to analyze everything around you as Marie Kondo said — “does this spark joy?” One such fine day I decided that my wardrobe was taking up too much space in my room.

A guy in his early 30s doesn’t really have that much stuff accumulated. And if he is a minimalist the amount of stuff goes down even further. So my wardrobe was basically housing only 50% of its capacity.

  1. The plan was to get rid of unwanted clothes first.
  2. Once that was done, the rest of the things could be easily adjusted into easily accessible packets.
  3. This started off with me buying the desired packets from Amazon
  4. This allowed me to stuff all my daily usable into 2 packets and the rest rarely used ones into the other two.
  5. And wallah, the space that housed my wardrobe, now houses my guitar. And my dresses are neatly tucked away under my bed.

Minimalism is a dangerous hobby. Practice with caution. You will love it. The others, maybe not so much



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