How to get more things done?

Visakh Vijayan
2 min readApr 4, 2024

We all want to be focused in life and get things done. If we sit alone for some time we can draw up n number of things to be done at this very moment. But we refrain from doing this.

The human brain is attracted to things that give instant gratitude. As in something that brings immediate happiness. So scrolling Instagram will be much easier than going to the shop and getting groceries.

The only way to tackle this problem is by becoming a slave of good habits. Habits are the ONLY way to achieve more per day. Here is what we can do —

  1. Write down every single thing that comes to your mind that you feel you should do.
  2. Break it down to the smallest of sub-tasks so that you can’t fail at it even if you try. Say you want to hit the gym. Your subtask should be just getting up from bed or maybe putting on your gym clothes.
  3. Tick that subtasks off from your list for 21 days (so that it becomes a habit). Striking something off gives a sense of progress.
  4. Once the subtask feels easy, combine it into a bigger subtask. So in case of hitting the gym, the next subtask could be visiting the gym since you have mastered putting your gym clothes on. You don’t have to start your workouts yet. Just say Hey to your trainer and travel back.
  5. Go through your subtasks at the end of the day and feel proud that you are making progress daily. This is the instant gratification part.

You will soon reach a point where doing things won’t feel like trouble at all. Hitting the gym will just become an everyday act like brushing your teeth.

So start jotting those things down. Happy habits!



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