Insurance for Jobs too now!

Visakh Vijayan
2 min readNov 29, 2023

I was browsing randomly and I came across this new-age insurance called Jobsurance. The idea is simple you pay an amount and they pay you back an amount when you are in need. Insurance in a nutshell.

With the growing job insecurities and impulse buying trend of gen-z, it has become the need of the hour. Since most of us are struggling to plan our finances this could be a saviour for most of us. The idea is simple.

You tell them your monthly income and the fixed expenses and they will provide an emergency cover for n months. Their plans start from Rs. 999 currently. Their website says they will take care of you during situations like company bankruptcy, downsizing, lockdowns, mergers, etc.

But the catch is —

  1. It doesn’t cater to places where you are terminated due to low performance. I for one know that most of the employees who are terminated are given reasons of poor performance.
  2. You cannot claim in the first 90 days of taking the insurance.
  3. They will only take care of your expenses for the first 3 months of your unemployment.
  4. It caters only to employed people (not freelancers) who have a good credit score. Maybe the plans vary with the credit scores.
  5. You have to complete 180 days with your employer before you can claim the benefits.
  6. The payment is annual and upfront.
  7. If you decide to change companies in between you will again have to wait for a fresh 90 days to claim.
  8. And the claim amount has a TDS of 5%.

They do however mention that they will provide placement assistance to get you back on track. But the success rates of that aren’t mentioned anywhere on their website.

Overall I feel the idea is good given the growing job dissatisfaction rates and layoffs happening but it’s too soon to put money into such startups.

However, it does seem like something the companies should reach out to and include in their CTCs. This would help them out a lot during severance pay. And since this will convert to a company scale, the claim settlements would also improve.

In short, too soon to comment but hopeful!



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